The SMC Permanent Member consisting of founder members and other locally prominent enthusiasts is mainly responsible for policy formulation and high level decision making. They are also responsible for nominating and selecting Artistes for monthly concerts and Yuva Kala Bharathi concerts.

The Permanent Member is assisted in the day-to-day running of SMC by the Organizing Team. The typical tenure of the Organizing Team is for 12 months from July to June. The main responsibilities of the Organizing Team include website maintenance, organizing monthly concerts, arranging gifts to participating Artistes, conduct special events such as Thyagaraja Aradhana, Navaratri festival, SMC anniversaries, communicating regularly with SMC rasikas, printing of monthly concert brochures and operating the bank account and generally ensuring that income and expenditure is properly incurred and recorded.

The current Permanent Members are

  • Dr. Ramanathan
  • Raji Ramachandran
  • Jagannadhan Balaji
  • Lakshmi Nateshkumar
  • Ramaswamy
  • Mythili Iyer

The current Organizing Team comprises

  • Dr. Smitha Balu and Balu Chathanath
  • Jyothi Giri


The Organizing Team members can be contacted by clicking here.