SMC Tyagaraja Aradhana 2022

Dear Rasikas,
Namaste and greetings from the team at Sydney Music Circle to you and all artistes and participants.
We hope you and family are coping well.
We are pleased to announce SMC’s annual flagship programme, the 2022 Thyagaraja Aradhana which will be webcast on YouTube/Facebook at the
end of February 2022. The format will be essentially the same as in 2021, requiring you to just send us your video recording.

  • Please register via the link on the website, filling in all required details completely and correctly. 
  • Students can register only through their teachers. Students who are learning from overseas teachers can register through their parents. 
  • Given that the TA-2022 will have a global audience, teachers are requested to present only those students who have attained a minimum    basic standard, namely at the kriti-learning stage, and have already learnt a few kritis. 
  • The time limit per individual or group slot is 10 minutes. If, due to having more students, a teacher needs to register his/her students in groups, the time limit per teacher is 25 minutes. The groups within    the 25-minute time limit can be arranged according to the teacher’s discretion.  Teachers are encouraged to maximise the number of children per group, so that overall group numbers are more manageable. Kindly note that each group and each individual (in the case of solo renditions) can select only one song, as allowed   for in the registration form. 
  • Please select from only those songs that appear in the database. We regret that we cannot accommodate requests to register songs other than the ones listed. 
  • Please do not render any manodharmam segments (raaga alapana, kalpana swaram, niraval, viruttam, chittaswaram, etc.).   
  • Due to the overwhelming community response, we regret that we are    compelled to restrict participation in the Tyagaraja Aradhana to local    artistes, based in Australia. 

Additionally, please --

  • Address all e-mails to and do not contact    individual members of the SMC team. 
  • Register by Sunday 02 January 2022 – the website will not accept registrations after this date.  The registration portal will open on Monday 22 November 2021
  • Send us your recording/s latest by Sunday 09 January 2022
  • Note that due to technical or other reasons beyond our control, SMC reserves the right to trim or exclude recordings that are unsuitable for broadcasting. No correspondence will be entered into if a recording is trimmed or excluded. 
  • Ensure that your recordings are of the best possible audio and video quality and conform to the following instructions:

(Note: please read carefully, since failure to follow these instructions may result in your recording not being broadcast. Unfortunately, we cannot enter into correspondence if recordings are excluded.)

  • Acceptable video formats are MP4 or AVI. 
  • File size must not exceed 5 GB. 
  • Each song must be recorded individually. Do not record more than        one song in a single video. 
  • Your recording must have only the song as if performing on SMC’s TA   stage. Do not include any intro, thanks, prayer messages, invocations, etc. in the video. 
  • File name of the video recording must match the spelling of the    song name exactly as registered from SMC’s database. 
  • You can upload your video file to an online file hosting service such        as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., and send us a downloadable link. Please ensure you authorise us to download the video from the      file hosting service location. 
  • SMC will not be responsible for data leakage from online file hosting services. In order to avoid or minimise such risks, please ensure that your provider encrypts your files during storage and transit, within a range of 128 to 256-bit. 
  • Please be aware that Tyagaraja Aradhana 2022 is an “online only” programme, and therefore you authorise SMC to publish the video provided by you to be broadcast on SMC’s Facebook and YouTube channels, where they will remain indefinitely.

Guidelines for video recording:
If you already have experience in recording video, you need not read this section. Please proceed to record your video per the above instructions.
The following suggestions are not mandatory, and are intended to assist you in making a quality recording --

  • Ensure that your recording device (i.e., video camera/smart phone) is steady throughout the recording session. It is advisable to fix it to a tripod or rest it on a chair.
  • Record in a room with plenty of lighting. It is preferable to have lights behind the camera or above. Avoid keeping bright lights behind the artiste.
  • Keep the background clear and uncluttered, free of movements.
  • Record a sample song first and replay it on your device to ensure          the quality of recording, coverage, lighting, general ambience, and general presentation. Proceed with the full recording once you    adjust the settings appropriately and are satisfied with the sample recording.
  • Wearing lighter colour clothing could possibly improve the video sharpness.
  • Feel free to arrange accompaniments (i.e., violin/mrudangam).
  • Sending your recording as early as possible will help us to prepare it early. We would like to avoid receiving many recordings at the same time.
  • Recordings must be in “landscape” mode. Please do not submit recordings taken in “portrait” mode.

We thank you for making this auspicious programme a success as in earlier years, and will be privileged by your participation.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that Sydney’s Carnatic talent gets global recognition.
With best wishes from the SMC Team.