SMC Virtual Concert May 2021

Dear Music Rasikas,

We would like to invite you with family and friends to our Monthly Virtual Concert 

5.15 PM - 6.15 PM: Vocal concerts by Sri. Sriram Rajagopalan accompanied by Smt. Madhumitha Sriram on violin and Sri.  Nirmal Ayyar on Mrudangam.

6.15 PM - 7.45 PM: Flute concert by Sri. Giridhar Tirumalai accompanied by Sri. Balaji Jagannadhan on violin and Sri. Nirmal Ayyar on Mrudangam.

Below are links to the live broadcast channels:

YouTube Channel link:

Facebook Channel link:

Current NSW Government’s social distancing policies allow Sydney Music Circle to conduct this programme in a remote setting and be able to broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube channels. However please note that due to current uncertainty with COVID-19, Sydney Music Circle may require to cancel the live broadcast without notice.

Artiste Profiles:

Dr. Giridhar Thirumalai

Giridhar Tirumalai started learning vocal and flute at the young age of 5 years from his mother Smt Vasundhara Srinivasan. Later on, he continued to learn flute from Sri. Dindigul S P Natarajan - disciple of the great - Dr T R Mahalingam. In addition to his mother being his eternal Guru, he receives technical guidance from flute prodigy Maestro Shashank Subramanyam and family . He is actively involved with the Purandararadasa aradhana, Sydney Annamayya brundamu and the annual Sri Taallapaaka Annamacharya Jayanthi celebrations. He has been involved with Sydney Music Circle and has given flute solo, Jugalbandi concerts in Bangalore, Portland-Oregon, San Jose CA, Sydney, in addition to performing at Sydney Music Circle on a number of occasions and concerts. He has written a number of articles on music related topics and also has given mini LecDems. He is a regular invited guest speaker at Vani Telugu Radio on Carnatic music topics, has been involved with G.O.D and ISKCON in providing flute support for their very special events. He holds PhD in the IT field, and teaches vocal, flute and Annamacharya sankeerthanalu via Vallaki School of Music. 

Sri. Sriram Rajagopalan

Sriram is a student of Smt Chithra Nagraj, a disciple of Smt Jayalakshmi Santhanam (a disciple of DK Pattammal).

Sriram is enthusiastic about music and enjoys participating in Carnatic Music events across Sydney including the annual Thyagaraja Aradhana, Muthuswamy Dikshitar Day and recently gave his debut concert at Karpahavalli, Sydney.

Sriram is also undertaking Carnatic Music exams through IFCM-Acharyanet to add structure and depth to his music education.

Sri. Balaji Jagannadhan

Balaji Jagannadhan learnt vocal and instrumental Carnatic music from Bangalore Smt R. Thangammal, herself a disciple of Vidwan Sri R R Keshavamurthy. Balaji hails from the steel city of Jamshedpur, India, and is a frequent performer at Carnatic forums in Sydney and Brisbane. He is a enthusiast of both schools of music Carnatic and Hindustani. He has also contributed to the musical choreography for a few classical dance recitals.

Smt. Madhumitha

Madhu started her carnatic music journey in New Zealand and is currently learning violin from Sri Balaji Jagannathan.


Madhu has also started learning Carnatic vocal from Smt Sangeetha Ayyar to further her knowledge.

She enjoys listening to classical music and has participated in music events across Sydney.

Sri. Nirmal Ayyar

Nirmal Ayyar has been learning the mrudangam since the age of twelve under the initial tutelage of Sri Suthanthiraraj, before progressing his skills under the guidance of Sri Bala Sankar. He is currently learning under the guidance of Sri Melakkaveri Balaji. Nirmal learnt vocal music from Smt Prema Anandakrishnan and Smt Uma Ayyar. He continues his advanced training from Dr Ramanathan. Nirmal has had the privilege of providing accompaniment in a number of student concerts in Sydney over the past few years and continues to be actively involved in the Carnatic community.