About Smt. Chitra Krishnamurthy

Chitra Krishnamurthy started learning carnatic music from the age of seven under Vidushi Smt. Meera Nathan in Mumbai. Chitra was a B grade artiste in All India Radio. Upon moving to Bangalore in 1994, she continued further advanced training under Ganakalashree Smt. M S Sheela for over six years. Chitra has wide concert experience having given several full concerts since 1988 in various sabhas. She has also given half hour concerts on Indian television, telecast nationally. In 1994 she started her career as a carnatic music teacher in Bangalore and was a faculty member of the Indira Nagar Sangeetha Sabha. Her exposure to the carnatic music scene in Bangalore expanded through judging capacities for various competitions. Chitra was a prize winner at the inaugural On-the-spot Ragam Thanam Pallavi seniors competition in Bangalore. Upon migrating to Australia in 2001, she has continued her involvement in music in the community and has been teaching several students.



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