SMC Thyagaraja Aradhana 2020


Dear Rasika,


Namaste !


Sydney Music Circle is privileged to invite your gracious participation at our flagship programme, Thyagaraja Aradhana, 2020.


When:             Saturday 15 February, 11 am to 9 pm  (students, junior artistes, instrumentalists);   and

                      Sunday 16 February 8.30 am to 4 pm (Pancharatna rendition followed by seniors)

            (Please note that owing to programming requirements, some seniors may be requested to perform on the first day, namely Saturday 15 February.  We look forward to your co-operation, should you be requested to perform on the first day.)


Where:      Redgum Centre, Wentworthville


The registration portal on our website can be accessed from Sunday 1st December 2019 and will close on Friday 27th December 2019. As in previous years, you can select songs from a drop-down list and input other related information.  The date and indicative time-slots for each participant will be published online a few days before the programme.


Owing to the overwhelming response from junior and senior artistes, and the limited time available, group registrations will be given preference.


Student registrations


  • Students can be registered only by their teacher.
  • 15 minutes is available per teacher, with a maximum of three songs within this time.  Teachers are requested to form groups among their students for each song.
  • If a teacher has less than 3 students, each student can perform for a maximum of five minutes.


Seniors’ registrations


  • Seniors are requested to perform in groups.
  • Requests  for solo performance may be accommodated, subject to availability of time, after groups have been registered.


A few do’s and don’ts –


Please --


  • Fill out the online registration form completely. Incomplete and ambiguous registrations may be rejected.
  • Indicate your sruti on the registration form so that accompanists can be assigned and are ready beforehand.
  • Indicate the full name (given name + family name) wherever requested, with correct spellings, since it is likely that the participants’ names will be projected on to a screen whilst they are onstage.
  • Do not, as far as possible, select vilamba-kaala kritis.
  • If you have a special request regarding preferred timings, accompanists, etc. please indicate this on the registration form.  Requests for rescheduling time slots cannot be entertained at short notice on the programme days.
  • (for seniors only) Be prepared for a request from SMC to change your song selection.  Though extremely unlikely, this may be necessary to avoid multiple renditions of the same song.
  • Address all e-mails to SMCTA2020@GMAIL.COMPlease do not contact individual members of the SMC team.



and on the programme days


  • Please arrive at the venue an hour before your scheduled slot.
  • Register your students and yourself at the reception desk immediately on arrival so that we know you are available to perform. Informing your attendance makes it easy for us to contact you.
  • Do not perform manodharma sequences (alapana, niraval, kalpana swarams, etc.).
  • Do not move your assigned mikes, as they have been professionally calibrated and synchronised with the audio system after considerable testing.
  • If you are seated in the audience, please remain silent during the programme as a mark of respect to the Saint, to the performers onstage, and to others in the audience.


We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in paying homage to Swami Thyagaraja.


Given the reach and complexity of organising an event such as this, we welcome volunteers to help any way they can. Registrations for supply of food will open separately, and you will receive an e-mail in this regard shortly.


Kind regards, and best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season.




Sydney Music Circle Organisers