SMC Virtual Concert November 2021

Dear Music Rasikas,

We would like to invite you with family and friends to our Monthly Virtual Concert 

5.15 PM - 7.15 PM: Vocal concerts by Chi. Sudarsan Ravi accompanied by Sri. Mohan Ayyar on Synthesizer and Sri. Sivakumar Sethupathi on Mrudangam.

Below are links to the live broadcast channels:

YouTube Channel link:

Facebook Channel link:

Current NSW Government’s social distancing policies allow Sydney Music Circle to conduct this programme in a remote setting and be able to broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube channels. However please note that due to current uncertainty with COVID-19, Sydney Music Circle may require to cancel the live broadcast without notice.

Artiste Profiles:

Sri. Mohan Ayyar

For over 25 years, Mohan has been giving concerts on the synthesizer, an instrument he has adapted to suit Carnatic music. While self-taught on the synthesizer, he had vocal training under Smt Uma Ayyar, Smt Prema Anandakrishnan and Smt Hemalatha Ganesan. Mohan has given many solo concerts and has also accompanied many local and international artistes in performances all over Australia and in Chennai. Mohan has composed music for several bharatanatyam programs and has partially completed a PhD in Indian music from Macquarie University - analysing the composition process for bharatanatyam music. He has presented papers on music at conferences in Amsterdam, Mumbai and Kolkata. Mohan teaches keyboard to a number of students and continues to maintain the popular music web page

Chi. Sudarshan Ravi

Sudarshan has been an avid student of music for the past 19 years, starting out in Sydney by learning under Uma Ramu Ayyar. Later, he began to come under the tutelage of Sri Malladi Ravikumar of the Malladi Brothers and, more recently, has been fortunate to learn from Sangeetha Kalanidhi Padma Bhushan Dr TV Gopalakrishnan as well. Currently, he learns under both gurus.

He is profoundly inspired by his guru parampara and his style mirrors the respect for classicism and musicality that his gurus have passed on to him. 

He performs in Chennai annually and has given concerts in esteemed sabhas such as Brahma Gana Sabha and Vani Mahal, as well as in Sydney. He was awarded the Runner-up at the 2019 Times Tyagaraja Awards, conducted at the Music Academy’s TTK auditorium and 3rd place at Sri Sankara TV’s Sangeeta Yaatra. With the blessings of his gurus, he performed at the Tiruvayyaru Tyagaraja Aradhana in 2017 and considers this as one of his cherished musical memories. Currently, he is a final year medical student at UNSW.

Sri. Sivakumar Sethupathi

Siva had his training in mridangam under Guru Sri T.S. Janakiraman, a disciple of Sri Palani Subramania Pillai. He was a recipient of music scholarship awarded by the Centre For Cultural Resources and Training, Government of India. He is a sought-after mridangam artiste for Carnatic music programs, Bharatanatyam recitals and Sampradaya Bhajans in Australia. He has accompanied several leading artistes from India. Siva is a founding member of Sydney Bhajan Mandali.