SMC Monthly Concert - September 2018

Dear Music Rasikas,

SMC would like to invite you with family and friends to our Monthly Concert - to be held on September 29th 2018 at the Dundas Community Centre, 21 Sturt Street, Telopea.

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM: Vocal concert by Kum. Sanjana Muthukumar and Kum. Aishwarya Muthukumar accompanied by Kum. Vishni Ravindran on Veena and Chi. Harish Gopikan Ravindran on Mridangam.

05:10 PM - 07:10 PM: Flute concert by Dr. Giridhar Thirumalai accompanied by Sri. Balaji Jagannadhan on Violin and Chi. Balasubrahmanyam Mallela on Mridangam.

Artiste Profiles:

Dr. Giridhar Thirumalai

Giridhar Tirumalai started learning vocal and flute at the young age of 5 years from his mother Smt Vasundhara Srinivasan. Later on, he continued to learn flute from Sri. Dindigul S P Natarajan - disciple of the great - Dr T R Mahalingam. In addition to his mother being his eternal Guru, he receives technical guidance from flute prodigy Maestro Shashank Subramanyam and family . He is actively involved with the Purandararadasa aradhana, Sydney Annamayya brundamu and the annual Sri Taallapaaka Annamacharya Jayanthi celebrations. He has been involved with Sydney Music Circle and has given flute solo, Jugalbandi concerts in Bangalore, Portland-Oregon, San Jose CA, Sydney, in addition to performing at Sydney Music Circle on a number of occasions and concerts. He has written a number of articles on music related topics and also has given mini LecDems. He is a regular invited guest speaker at Vani Telugu Radio on Carnatic music topics, has been involved with G.O.D and ISKCON in providing flute support for their very special events. He holds PhD in the IT field, and teaches vocal, flute and Annamacharya sankeerthanalu via Vallaki School of Music. 

Kum. Vishni Ravindran

Vishni was introduced to Carnatic music at the age of five by her grandmother, an accomplished Carnatic vocalist, Smt. Saraswathidevi Rajeswaran, and continued learning from various distinguished teachers in Auckland, New Zealand. For 9 years, Vishni was under the expert tutelage of Vainika Gayaka, Late Prof. Pudukkottai R. Krishnamurthy of Tirupathi who was a Top Grade artiste of AIR. Vishni attained Teacher's Diplomas for Veena and Vocal music from The Academy of Fine Arts London with First Class Honours in 2013 and was bestowed the title “Isai Mani”. Vishni, alongside her brother, Harish, had their combined Veena and Mridangam Arangetram in Sydney in 2017, accompanied by eminent Vidwans from Chennai. She is a regular performer on the Veena in Sydney. Vishni is also a recognised Bharathanatyam dancer, performing regularly, having notably completed her Bharathanatya Arangetram in 2009 in Auckland. Vishni is currently pursuing the Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

Kum. Aishwarya Muthukumar

Aishwarya began her Carnatic vocal training under Srimathi Sangeetha Ayyar. She currently studies Carnatic music alongside her sister, under Srimathi Subha Harinath. She has been involved in numerous Carnatic events, including Thyagaraja Aradhana, Purandaradasa Jayanthi, and a few other special events. She is a lover of music in all its forms and hopes to pursue a career in singing. 

Kum. Sanjana Muthukumar

Sanjana had her initial tutelage in music from Srimathi Sangeetha Ayyar. She has been pursuing her interest in Carnatic music under the expert coaching of Srimathi Subha Harinath, where she continues her vocal training. She has been involved in various events such as Thyagaraja Aradhana, Purandaradasa Jayanthi and a few other special events. Sanjana is currently studying Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University.

Sri. Balaji Jagannadhan

Balaji Jagannadhan learnt vocal and instrumental Carnatic music from Bangalore Smt R. Thangammal, herself a disciple of Vidwan Sri R R Keshavamurthy. Balaji hails from the steel city of Jamshedpur, India, and is a frequent performer at Carnatic forums in Sydney and Brisbane. He is a enthusiast of both schools of music Carnatic and Hindustani. He has also contributed to the musical choreography for a few classical dance recitals.

Chi. Harish Gopikan Ravindran

Harish, a disciple of Sri. Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi is an emerging young Mridangist in Sydney. He had his Mridangam Arangetram at the age of 16 in Sydney in 2017, alongside his sister Vishni on Veena, and was accompanied by eminent vidwans from Chennai. Harish is a regular performer in Sydney and has notably accompanied concerts overseas at prestigious Sabhas and venues in Chennai, London, San Francisco and Auckland, including Narada Gana Sabha, London Sri Murugan Temple and Tamils of Northern California (TNC). Harish is a first year Commerce/Professional Accounting student at Macquarie University. 

Chi. Balasubrahmanyam Mallela

Balu is a passionate percussionist and has learnt the mridangam under the tutelage of Dr Suresh Ramachandra from Auckland. He continues to learn from Dr Ramachandra and Shri Peravali Jayabhaskar from Hyderabad. Balu is also a trained vocalist, under the mentorship of his mother Dr Padma Govardhan. He is currently studying in his 3rd year of a Double degree in Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Sydney.