About Smt. Ganga Ranganath

Ganga’s first Guru was her mother Lakshmi Ammal and she had her music lessons from various teachers hailing from Trichur, Bombay and Madras. For advanced courses she had her training from Sri.A.S.Panchapakesa Iyer in Madras who had written books such as Ganamrutha Bodhini, Ganamrutha Varnamalika, Ganamrutha Keerthanamalika and many others. She had her audition for vocal music in All India Radio, Madras in April 1947 and she continues her music concert in AIR to this date, for 71 years. She has won many awards and prizes including five gold medals from prestigious sabhas like Music Acadamy, Indian Fine Arts Society and Rasika Ranjani Sabha. She also had a Carnatic music concert in Chennai Doordarshan and once a full Thiruppugazh concert.



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