Welcome to Sydney Music Circle

Promoting Local Carnatic Talent In Sydney, Since 1983

Over three decades SMC has provided a forum for Carnatic music by facilitating numerous concerts and music festivals. Our mission is to promote local Carnatic talent in Sydney.

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History of Sydney Music Circle

Steps Towards Promoting Local
Carnatic Talent in Sydney

Sydney Music Circle started out as an informal group of Carnatic music-lovers and was given a concrete shape due to the efforts of Dr M S Ramanathan and Sri Ramachandran.

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Sydney Music Circle Structure

The Permanent Member &
the Organisng Team

The SMC Permanent Member consisting of founder members and other locally prominent enthusiasts is mainly responsible for policy formulation and high level decision making.

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Overseas Artistes

Artistes who wish to perform
under SMC’s banner

Overseas artistes who wish to perform under Sydney Music Circle’s banner can be accommodated at Sydney Music Circle’s discretion, under few terms and conditions.

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Local Carnatic Talent in Sydney

Sydney Music Circle was formed in 1983 with the intention of promoting local talent, and started out as a series of house concerts, held on the last Saturday of every month.

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